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BeWitchy Academy Group

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PAY HERE USD (outside of Australia)

PAY HERE AUD (Australian Residents Only)

(if you are outside of Australia please use the USD link. If in Australia, please use the AUD link).

JOIN GROUP HERE (submissions to group are not accepted until you have paid on the link above)

All joining fees need to be paid prior to acceptance.
$49 joining fee with a weekly fee of $25.00.

This is a Premium Academy Witchcraft and Spirituality Group on facebook.
You will only be accepted into the group once we see payment has been processed. Make sure that your facebook name reflects the paypal payment name or let us know via email
if this is not the case:

Learn all the basics of Spirituality right through to Witchcraft.
Bookclubs, reviews, readings and so forth.

Custom exercise and diet plans etc.

This is essentially a subscription gift box as well - you receive 1 monthly gift via post.


By joining this group and subscribing you agree to all our terms and conditions and you agree to not use or share any of the information included in this group and your subscription. You are bound by copyright laws etc.


TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Payment and acceptance of application does not mean continued membership. You MUST read all group description and rules. If you at all break the rules and continue to break them, you will be removed from the group. You do not get a refund in the event you break the rules.