Tarot Card Readings (via Email)

Tarot Card Readings (via Email)

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These are a once off reading emailed to you... you may ask 1 question (try to be super specific) on 1 topic when you purchase these readings.

Please choose from the drop down menu for the type of reading you want.
The reason I ask people to be specific with their questions is for a number of reasons.
1. Anyone can be general and generic in their answers - Luan prides herself and is known for being accurate when it comes to specific questions.
2. By being specific, you are sure to get the answer you seek - being general or vague does not ALWAYS guarantee you will get the answers you seek (but most often do)...
3. Luan includes anything else that comes over from spirit on the day, including general information and insight - she is pretty thorough. AND so forth...

Luan has over 30 yrs experience, a natural born Psychic Medium.

Luan does not need or use any tools to answer your specific questions but does sometimes use Tarot Cards IF you request it.

You can request, tea leaf readings, tarot, oracle, crystal ball and so forth.

PICTURES are provided to show you your cards and the layout etc.

When you make your purchase, Luan will either email you or you can email her to make your booking: bewitchy@bewitchy.com

TURNAROUND IS 24-72hrs. Thank you xo
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